Leads Without The Pitch

Meet Innerspire

Our helpful PDF to help you get to know where we're coming from when it comes to marketing.

Which is more impactful, what you see, or how you see what you see?

Marketing usually just feels really wrong, forced, tricky and contrary to human nature– so we've been working hard to rewrite the rules by just a few degrees – roughly 180 of 'em. And everything looks different turned around.

Marketing Redefined

Sure, we're in the marketing biz, but to say it requires that we redefine it. At Innerspire, we know that marketing has long been (albeit generally) held as a mix of creative, technical and sales related services designed to persuade people to buy products and services by capturing their attention. Doesn't that sound inviting?

Rather than saying marketing, let's call it "growthing"… or maybe growth consultants. We could even try "Caring what people genuinely want and helping them find it" consultants. We do this in a number of ways – including all the services listed on this website, but we've got a formula that will blow your mind; or rather change your mindset completely.

Our patented GIFTS™ Formula drives our passionate team and all our winning processes at Innerspire - and it's been a win for our clients too. There's a lot to its blend of human needs psychology, problem solving science and marketing principles – yet it's simple to demonstrate the raw effectiveness in about 3 to 5 minutes. Here are a few of the top "gems" in our playbook, but if you want to whole story – just give us a call.

  • Common Sense First – When there's a way to connect with 97% more people and capture their interest in a way that is less selfish and more profitable, do that.
  • Focus on Service – Healthy marketing is really about asking, "How may I serve?" rather than, "What can I get?" and we've found that the rewards are staggering with this simple mindset change.
  • Marketing is SIMPLE – There are only 8 ways to market effectively and 7 core strategies that make it that extra bit more effective every time.
  • Think BIG – Test Small – The most powerful marketing campaigns have had many mini-failures at the outset. Get those failures out of the way early and then go big!
  • Implement Faster – You don't need more than 1 or 2 strong ideas or strategies to turn-around an entire business development campaign. If you're searching for more than that, you probably haven't acted on the first 2. Shorten your 'time to implementation' and everything will change.