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Keep Customers With Social Media

Most people want to get right down to it and start creating some ads, designs, websites, marketing plans, strategies and materials. That's not how we work – because it doesn't work. Think of us as the doctor. A doctor won't operate on you or prescribe anything without a clear picture of your situation.

We have a moral obligation to provide services that will serve you in the short and/or long term, depending on the nature of the service. Along the way, we'll do some breathtaking design work for you, but we're not your common, local by-the-hour graphic design house, churning out wishful thinking from cool, artsy brainstorming sessions. Until objectives are clear, we can't truly help you.

What this means:
  1. Ask (Discovery): In short, this is a reality check and a fact-finding mission. What are your goals? As the depth of our services increases, we'll need to find where you are in your business life cycle. Every new client begins with a breakthrough session designed to reveal constraints. This can be as simple as evaluating a print ad initiative or as complicated as evaluating your client touch point strategy and rapport-building skills.
  2. Plan (Strategic/Tactical): At this step, we build a strategy to create some quick wins, growth and long-term success. We'll optimize what you have first, and then we can shift our focus to innovation as it applies to your sales and marketing program. We'll think big and help you act in small and consistent steps. To deliver on that promise, we can support you right down to the tactical planning, execution and measurement of your campaign as well.
  3. Deliver (Fulfillment): What's your statement? Your Promise? How will you communicate to the world or your marketplace? How do you leverage all your touch points? What is your MVC (Most Valuable Channel)? Now it's time to get to work with creative design and development in our wildly talented, creative services department. You name it, we excel at it.
  4. Measure (and Refine): The key to creating progress is to measure. When it comes to metrics, the key is to set goals early, put your analytics systems in place (manual or automated) and schedule the reporting dates at even intervals. This doesn't need to be complicated at all, just consistent. Without baselines, it's difficult to gauge progress and it's far less likely to happen.
  5. Guide (Coaching/Consulting): Ongoing consulting and guidance is pivotal to continuing the breakthrough success cycle. Behavioral change, skills and growth coaching also are offered as a very beneficial tool. All of our clients will have access to our mastermind workshops and online resources such as articles, videos, blogs and tips, as well as group discounts to seminars and training events.